Still Better Than Love Diary #1: Tang

Tang(English Version)

He left me. He goddamn straight-up left me. All because the chip’s not working anymore. It was a sign, he said. We weren’t meant to be, he said. I should never have bought into this nonsense. I only agreed because our relationship was on the rocks and I didn’t know how else to fix it.

I loved him, I truly did. But some things take time and effort to fix, and sometimes time just isn’t on our side. I had been working more and more late nights, while he grew more and more distant by the day. I could tell he wasn’t feeling it anymore; every dinner filled with inane small talk or stagnant silences, the nights out with friends became more frequent and the grand gestures he used to surprise me with seemed like nothing more than a dream.

Nowadays, he can barely stand to spend more than a few hours together. One day, I couldn’t stand it anymore and confronted him.

“I want to talk” , I said.

“We can get through this”, I said.

“No we can’t, this isn’t how it’s supposed to be” was the reply I received.

I was running out of time and ideas fast. There was one solution I knew might give me a chance to make things right. Although I was reluctant to, it was the only thing that could immediately increase the lifespan of this relationship.

“The chip. Let’s try it.”


“Are you sure?“

That was all it took. After implanting the chip I found myself elevated to unbeknownst heights of elation and infatuation, as if I had fallen in love for the first time; except ten times stronger. It was all-consuming, sucking us up into a whirlwind of inseparability, missed workdays and hours spent holed up in our love nest.

But then the chip stopped working and the happiness faded as fast as it had arrived. Soon after, we broke up. For real this time. The low I’ve felt after coming down from that high was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Soul-crushing, not exactly heartache, but an insatiable craving that gnawed away at my insides. It’s only been two days, but it feels like an eternity. I’ve decided to go back to the dilapidated shop I got the chip from, and try to get a refund. At least this kind of love should be refundable.



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