【TRAVEL】New Zealand

Lara took Fanny and Wanzi to New Zealand for a performance, while they were there they took advantage of the country’s beautiful sights and cuisine, even visiting the world-famous Hobbiton!

【SPACE】Wasabi Art Lab 創意空間

Watch the Meiwas, founder of Wasabi art lab Jessica and sister Dena as they cut and paste their way through their Ca-ca-ca box and slop their way through a colourful splish splash session!


The latest episode of ‘Livin’ Vivacious’ takes us on a tour through one of Taipei’s newest creative spaces! Don’t miss it

【2016 New Look Photoshoot】Behind the Scenes

You know what they say, a new look never fails to aid a change of mindset, and that’s just what Meiwa’s brand needs to become bigger and better than ever!

【LIFE】Redpoint Brewery

This week’s episode of #livinvivacious is pretty special, as we visited startup beer company Redpoint Brewery where all the magic happens!

【Fashion】Smart Clothing Photoshoot

Our special surprise video featuring none other than boss lady Esther veronin taking on the role of professional model is here!

【TRAVEL】Sing for Taiwan

In this episode of #livinvivacious, the Meiwa gang are back in Taitung again-this time to participate in the Sing for Taiwan event! Stinky Tofu, music, beach fun times-this episode has it all.


his week on #livinvivacious, look on as we introduce to you the sunny shores of #Sabah, Malaysia. Esther taking too many selfies, Lara pigging out, and Fanny getting altitude sickness…watch on to find out what went down, and why YOU should visit too!


On this episode of Livin’ Vivacious, Lara introduces you to the beautiful Taiwanese county of Hualien, where snacking is inevitable and mosquito repellent is a must-bring.


Meiwa’s Taitung journey has officially kicked off! Come join 梁妍熙Esther Veronin, Lara梁心頤 and our new YouTuber friends Jc caylen, 阿滴英文 and ‪#‎Domdeangelis‬ as we ride bikes and explore Taitung! Don’t worry Esther , toboggans are VERY safe…we think.


Want to know where to go when you visit Taitung? Featuring JC Caylen, 滴妹 and more on this trip to Taiwan’s Taitung!

【SPACE】REDROOM: Culture of Listening

Join us at Redroom’s most popular event “Stage Time and Wine. Here, you can share anything you wanna share!

【LIFE】MMWW x YBR Lifestyle Brands

Follow Lara to check out this cool lifestyle brands!

【SPACE】Venue + T-Park Cafe

The latest episode of ‘Livin’ Vivacious’ takes us on a tour through one of Taipei’s newest creative spaces! Don’t miss it

【Life】International Women’s Day

Lara takes us on a special journey at the Redroom to celebrate International Women’s Day.


From ceramics to food to tea…Lara takes you on a journey through Taipei’s town of Ying Ge!

【Food】Sinsadong Korean BBQ

The Meiwas gets a little Korean experience in a new BBQ place!


Livin’ Vivacious debut! Lara goes to Jiufen with her friends! Our favorite spot is quite secretive, only accessible through a cave.


Meimeiwawa visits Shanghai’s Zhujiajiao and The Bund. What are your favorite spots in Shanghai? Let us know in the comments below.

【TRAVEL】Beijing City

Lara, Esther, and fashion designer Ruby Fang travel to Beijing for a talk at Peking University, and explore the ancient city while they are there.

【TRAVEL】Grand Canyon

Meiwas take a visit to the Grand Canyon, even bumping into a few fans!


Find out how to navigate around one of the best one-day retreats away from Taipei City – “Longdong,” or Dragon Caves.

【TRAVEL】Chania, Greece

Who knew that we would bump into such an amazing local guide while traveling in Chania!

【Travel】Rio, Brazil

Lara takes a visit to Rio, Brazil with the help of AirBnB!

【Food】Summer Cocktails, Mexican Food

Learn how to make Guacamole, Baked Fish, Baba Ganoush, and some delicious summer cocktails in very easy steps!

【Food】The Lock

We’re raving about this new restaurant we found in Taipei! Not only is the food unique and delicious, the booze a great treat, it saves you a trip to Paris!

【Fashion】Atayal Forest Runway

The 5th Annual Atayal Forest Runway. Although it was pretty cold in the mountains of Shei-pa National Park, we all had an amazing time.

【Fashion】Ruby Fang NYFW 2015

The Meiwas attend New York Fashion Week with good friend and designer Ruby Fang.