【Lara X Meitone】Where Do We Go (Ukulele Version )

【Lara ft. Troutfresh】Where Do We Go: SOUL REMIX MV

【Lara】Finding Answers through Floating

Those of you who haven’t tried floating yet, let the master Benji and newbie Lara teach you! Especially in concrete jungles such as Taipei, I’m sure we’re not the only ones who feel spiritually exhausted at times.

【Lara X Dena】Orange Soda X A Little Closer

Those of you who have been requesting this song, you have Dena to thank! Let these familiar melodies bring you back to your school days, even if only for a few minutes.

【Lara】Where Do We Go Official Music Video

【Lara】Where Do We Go MV (English)

【Lara】Heartache Mashup

Presenting Lara’s mashup of Waa Wei’s ‘Only You’ and Eve Ai’s ‘The Sum of Us’, is it too much ache to handle?

【Meiwa Diaries 2】Episode 1: Blonde or Brunette?

Picking up from where we last left off, #MeiwaDiaries Season 2 begins by addressing Lara’s disappearance at the end of the last season.

【Lara+Sahil】Closer (Orig. Chainsmokers & Halsey)

This time Lara and Sahil are back, bringing you their bilingual, acoustic duet of #TheChainsmokers‘ and #Halsey‘s #Closer. What’s not to love?

【Lara+Esther】Mu.sic-TJ Festival

This week on Meiwa, we’re sharing Lara and Esther’s performance at the Mu.sic-tj festival a couple weeks back!

【Lara+Esther】Call Me Maybe

Combining Lara’s passion for music with Esther’s passion for makeup, we’re proud to announce our latest collaboration with MEIBE Korea on this beautiful K-beauty inspired video.

【Lara】Nostalgia Mashup

“Nostalgia Mashup” is one of the first musical works Lara has recorded upon returning from her soul-searching journey; and is a song rich with her experiences during that period.

【Lara+Esther】Sabah Concert

For those of you who weren’t able to catch our exciting performance in #Sabah, #Malaysia, kick back and relive the entire performance with us!

【Lara+Esther】Brown Suagr Medley

Sister power is the way to go! This Friday, we’re releasing a throwback to Lara’s Voice Up concert where she performed a medley from our Brown Sugar days with sister Esther!

【NDHU x MMWW】Entrepreneurial Lecture

Kick back and enjoy the start of your weekend with Meiwa’s inspiring lecture on Entrepreneurship! Listen up as Esther and Lara talk you through the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur.

【Lara】Rock Medley

Here’s Lara’s ‘Rock’ medley where she strings together crowd favourites such as ‪#‎freespirit‬, ‪#‎saltnpepper‬ and‪ #‎whatcanido‬! Kick back and relax with Lara on your Friday night off!

【Womany x MMWW】Our Time As Women

Working together with Womany, Esther and Lara appeared at their event to share with viewers their thoughts on how girls should love themselves.

【Lara+Cherry】Complete the Chorus

Here it is, the final results of the “Complete the Chorus” contest! Watch Lara and Jeremy teach Cherry the ropes on recording in a professional studio

Carta a la Luna Tango de Femmes

Tonight we have a very special project to share with you—a beautiful Argentinian tango piece showcasing the beauty of the feminine… Directed by Esther and composed by the talented Musaubach!  

【Meiwa Fanmail】Episode I

New vlog series “Meiwa Fanmail”—we just HAD to share this wonderful package we received from June in Okinawa…thank you! And thank you all for your support!

【Meiwa Diaries】Episode XII: April Fool’s

Things just aren’t the same at Meimeiwawa without Lara. Julie tries to be supportive of Esther.

【Meiwa Diaries】Episode XI: Epiphany

One of the things that sisters do best is fight…right?  MW Diaries Episode 11 hits the spot!

【MMWW x My Body Does】Body Positivity

The first goal of the new ‪#‎Monkey‬ Year: ‪#‎LoveYourself‬ We collaborated with ‪#‎MyBodyDoes‬ to discuss body image issues, and how to love your body despite the world telling you that flaws are not ok.

【Meiwa Diaries】Episode X: Spring cleaning

Meiwa is getting started early on spring cleaning this year! What’s gonna happen?

【Meiwa Diaries】Episode IX: Managerial Skills

Lara struggles with having her sister as a manager, while we find out who Esther was with on New Year’s Eve.

【Meiwa Diaries】Episode VIII: New Years Revelations

Did everyone welcome the ‪‎New Year‬ with a bang? Some of us have problems remembering exactly what happened… The sisters decide make some New Years resolutions together.

【Meiwa Diaries】Episode VII: Self Improvement

As their jazz performance at Brown Sugar approaches, the girls struggle to get along. Lena learns that giving only one of the sisters a Christmas gift is never a good idea…

【Meiwa Diaries】Episode VI: Blackmail

Esther needs to earn some money for the company, and fast. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the Meiwa team resorts to a little bit of good ol’ blackmail.

【Meiwa Diaries】Episode V: The Breakup

Esther finds new romance after breaking up with “The German.” Find out what happens when “The Benji” takes her out on a date.

【Meiwa Diaries】Episode IV Pt II: Time to Play

The Meiwas tick a few more things off their vacay list with wakeboarding, snorkeling, lying on beaches, and getting hurt by barnacles.

【Meiwa Diaries】Episode IV Pt I: Beachy Peachy

After hosting Mr Gay Taiwan, the crew goes on vacation in Kenting. Among the crew is “The German Guy” Esther met on Tinder. Will sparks fly between the virtual daters?

【Meiwa Diaries】Episode III: Mr Gay Taiwan

The Meiwas head to Kaohsiung to host the second annual Mr Gay Taiwan. As the performer AND the organizer, will Lara be able to fulfill both roles?

【Meiwa Diaries】Episode II: The Gay Club

Esther gets jealous of Lara’s new found friendship with Lena, as the girls get ready for Lara to perform at the gay club in preparation for Mr Gay Taiwan.

【Meiwa Diaries】Episode I: Diva Day

What happens when the girls hit the town for Diva Day, while Esther confronts her serious iPhone addiction? Check out our Meiwa Diaries, Episode One.

Lara Veronin “Dida”

Lara Veronin’s 2014 Single, “Dida,” a song about having loved and lost.

Who Killed Joanna Wang?

Who killed Joanna Wang? Is it the composed Sarah Chang, the sweet and innocent Lara, or the mysterious Chris Lung?


Meiwa’s first short film, a colorful and humorous piece about Taipei-ites!

She Wore Red

Winner of “Best Cinematography” at this year’s Tainan 39HR Film Contestival.