Lara and Esther Veronin’s Insider Favorite: VG Café

Lara and Esther Veronin, the sister-duo founders of MeiMeiWaWa Multimedia, know where to find the most sophisticated places to eat and drink in Taipei. Growing up between America and Taiwan, these self-proclaimed “third-culture kids” know Taipei as well as any local but have tastes cosmopolitan enough to sift out the city’s best. We asked the sisters to show us around one of their favorite establishments in Taipei: VG Café.


Photo via VG Café

A blend of restaurant, café, and bar, VG Café is tucked away in an alley just south of Taipei’s East District. An enclosed outdoor seating area leads into the main dining room, where raw concrete walls are softened by dark wooden tables and flooring and muted lighting. Lara and Esther use words like “vintage” and “evocative” to describe their preferred aesthetic, and details in VG’s design like the European leather sofas and the stag head on the wall certainly match those criteria.


Photo by Michael Sun

A carefully prepared selection of lattes, espressos, and fruit teas is perhaps most defining of VG Café’s menu. In addition to coffee and tea, VG Café features classic entrées like spaghetti with sautéed scallop in arugula pesto sauce and inspired ones like beer braised pork belly risotto. Lara recommends the cocktails—“something gin-based”—here as well.


Photo via VG Café

Esther appreciates VG Café’s aspirations to go beyond being simply another café and to embrace instead a creative, multi-use concept in which art and design are as central to the café-bar hybrid as the food and drinks themselves; “we encourage people to be expressive because it’s therapeutic and helpful.” The Veronin sisters are so enamored of the café that it’s even featured as a key setting in their latest production, “Who Killed Joanna Wang?”, their entry for the 48 Hour Film Project competition held last month in Taipei. Be sure to check out the film for more of MeiMeiWawa and more of VG Café!

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