Born just a year apart, Esther and Lara Veronin have been the best of sisters, (and frenemies) for longer than they can remember. Given Lara’s freewheeling, playful spirit which often conflicts with Esther’s brainy, no-nonsense tactics, the sisters work hard, play hard, and fight even harder. Nevertheless, once you get past the petty sibling rivalries, you’d be amazed at what the Veronin sisters’ unique creative energy can achieve. Putting aside their differences, the partners-in-crime came together to create Meimeiwawa Multimedia in 2013, a startup company aiming to bridge cultural gaps between the East and West while curating strong messages of female empowerment through their sassy, spark-filled selection of short films, music, social media and lifestyle content.

Strongly influenced by their Taiwanese-American heritage, Lara and Esther as ‘third culture kids’ draw on their personal experiences, conveying lighthearted yet meaningful messages to bilingual audiences in a manner that blends together the best of both worlds, forging new outlets for creative growth within Taiwan’s media industries. The girls of Meimeiwawa are also unabashedly proud of their strongly feminine identities and bluntly address issues such as LGBT rights, championing these causes tirelessly through various content and projects. They have in the past worked on notable projects such as the Nissan NewGen campaign, New York Fashion Week, sponsored the inaugural Mr Gay Taiwan pageant, and attended press conferences as ambassadors for gender equality under Taiwanese platform Womany. Content-wise, their pilot episode of their shoe Taipei As We Know It has had its share of critical acclaim worldwide, screening at the Long Beach Festival and Urban Media Film Festival in 2016. In the business of connecting rather than conveying, Meimeiwawa multimedia has a vision that extends past the present, towards an era that is far more globalized than one could ever fathom, pioneering a new creative direction that reflects their authentic, organic, innovative and limitless image perfectly.

— Jocelle Koh, Asian Pop Weekly

008 Currently they are working on pushing out Lara’s solo album and creating new opportunities for the Meiwa brand. They spend most of their time talking about work, trying to squeeze in yoga classes, and arguing.


Sometimes known as
“King Esther”


Sometimes known as
“The Party Rocker”