Still Better Than Love Diary #2: Qilong



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I’m not too fussed about specifics for my future girlfriend. As long as she’s kind, thoughtful and loves me, that’s enough. I’ve met several who fit the bill before, but I’ve actually… never been in an actual relationship. Why? Beats me. It just didn’t feel right, or sometimes I was just too scared to make the first move. Either way, even though I work in a shop selling love chips, ironically I still believe in true love. The job’s just pocket money, you know?

But I think the people who buy chips from us have lost their faith in love. Some seem like they’ve lost their trust in true love, while others never believed in it to begin with. Most of the customers who come to our shop are couples, how sad is that? Last month a girl came in and said she wanted a set of chips for her and her boyfriend. She was alone, and looked like something the cat dragged in. She was beautiful, but her eyes were red and hair messy, as if she had been up all night crying. I hope the chip can at least bring her some happiness. I think I’m getting a little too mushy for my liking…

I’ve never tried the chip before, but maybe if I meet the right person I could give it a go. But it would only be a one-time experience for me, maybe on a boys’ night on the town. Seems a little weird, don’t it? True love requires hard work and compromise to make you feel fully satisfied. Chips like this just cause addiction to something fake. On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t try the chip after all…

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